Luxury Bathroom Trends for 2018

Imagine slipping away into pure relaxation. A warm bath, chilled beverage and soothing music make for pure bliss. No, you're not dreaming and no, you're not at the spa. You're in your master bathroom, right in the comfort of your own home. The bathroom has been getting a pretty substantial makeover in the past few years, and it's about time. Gone are the days of getting in and getting out quickly. Now, we're ready for the experience. Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite space in your home. Here are the top luxury bathroom trends for 2018.

High-Tech Toilets & Smart Showers

Technology is edging its way into the bathroom more and more. Toilets are getting a much-needed facelift with upgrades, such as seat warmers, automatic lid openers and slow-close features, and hygiene features that wash, dry and deodorize are also being incorporated into this bathroom staple. In addition to these technologically-advanced toilets, smart showers are being seen in more homes. Automatically adjusting the water temperature to your specifications, these smart showers create the perfect atmosphere when you're ready to relax and wash away the day. There are also versions available that play your favorite music when you step into the shower.

Floor Heating Elements

One of the worst feelings is stepping out of a steamy shower onto a cold tile floor. With underfloor heating elements, you can carry your air of relaxation out of the shower with you as you step down onto a nice, warm floor. Floor heating elements are available for virtually any type of flooring, including:

  • Tile

  • Wood

  • Vinyl

  • Concrete

Create a relaxing and soothing environment that makes you just want to get lost. Be comfortable after your hot shower and take a moment to reflect on the day.

Appliance Upgrades

More appliances are making their way into the space as bathrooms are undergoing their evolution. You'll be seeing more items, such as under-vanity refrigerators that store refreshing beverages while you bask in the glory of a warm bath. TVs and wireless music systems are also making their way into the space to set the mood. Warmers for linens and robes are being added into the space as well.

Ultra-Modern Aesthetics

In addition to all of the tech advances that are being made in this space, homeowners are choosing to keep a clean, organic look about the room. Keep the tone of the space elegant with neutral paint colors and accentuate the space with a large glass shower door to show off the detailed tile design in the shower. Clean lines and crisp detail make this space a relaxing oasis, but don't be afraid to get creative. Try incorporating a bold accent wall or an interesting tile shape throughout. Keep the color light and experiment with different details to make the space pop.

Your Luxury Oasis

No matter what your style, there are many ways to make the bathroom into a relaxing and comfortable space in the home. It's important to take a moment for you. Treat yourself to a warm bath, enjoy a glass of wine and turn on your favorite playlist to escape from it all.


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