The Future of Smart Home Technology

There's no denying that technology makes our lives exponentially more convenient. Being able to control various items from the touch of a screen makes everyday life easier, but what if you could transfer that convenience into the home? Although smart home technology can be seen in a number of homes here in Southwest Florida, it seems as though we've only just scratched the surface. With so many new discoveries in the field of technology, you're about to see a surge when it comes to home building and design. It's true...the future of smart home technology is here.

Smart Appliances

We already see some of these items in the home, including ovens that allow you to control the temperature from virtually anywhere using your smartphone, and we already see many touch screen capable washers, dryers, refrigerators and the like. But there are more smart appliances coming onto the market everyday. Imagine having a cold glass of water at the ready when you get home. With advances in refrigeration design, you can order yourself a glass of water right from your phone and have it ready for when you arrive at your home. Just imagine what else you'll be able to order in the future. Get ready for even more internet apps that can be tethered to your appliances for even more convenience.

Temperature & Lighting

Since the invention of Alexa and other home automation devices, it has become easier to control certain aspects of the home while you're on the go. Being able to control the temperature of the home, as well as the ability to turn lights on and off has made being away much simpler. Gone are the days of trying to remember if you closed the garage door. Have peace of mind with the touch of a button. Now, even though this technology is readily available, many homeowners are implementing it after the home has already been built. It is now becoming a more standard protocol; however, to have this technology built into the home.

Another advancement in this field has been the creation of energy tracking, which allows your home to provide you with the following helpful information:

  • Energy usage

  • Analysis of what appliances/devices are being used

  • Recommendations of more energy efficient products

It will now be easier than ever to track your energy consumption and design ways to limit your carbon footprint.

Home Robotics

Devices are currently being developed to do more than the standard Roomba. In fact, there is a company that is developing a robotic device that can clean up the house, serve drinks and operate small appliances, controlled by a touch screen or by voice commands. Although a fully functioning home robot may still be a ways away, steps to developing these have already begun.

Your Smart Home

There may be no greater time to be experiencing all of the advances and breakthroughs in technology than right now. There are so many incredible devices, programs and developments that we are seeing for the first time, it's amazing to think of everything that can be accomplished in the future. Not only does smart home technology make life easier, it also aids in protection and security in the home. It's an exciting time and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the building and design industries.


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