Luxe Flooring Trends

Your home's look and feel is as unique as you. From the fixtures that you choose in every room to the color of paint on every wall, each detail is taken into consideration, and flooring is no exception. More homeowners are realizing the importance of individuality and are personalizing the flooring of their homes to stand out and express their unique style. Flooring doesn't need to be bland and boring. Here are our top luxe flooring trends to set your home apart from the rest.

Natural Stone

Classic and timeless, natural stone flooring has been a top choice for home flooring for many years. Giving a feeling of luxury and opulence to the space, natural stone is a sought-after choice for many Southwest Florida homeowners. With an air of sophistication and a variety of colors to choose from, natural stone is not only elegant and beautiful, but can withstand the elements as well. Natural stone selections come in many varieties, such as:

  • Marble

  • Slate

  • Granite

  • Travertine

  • Limestone

Natural stone is highly desirable, due to the fact that it can be incorporated into both traditional and modern home styles with ease.

Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic hardwoods have grown in popularity with homeowners in recent years, due to the sheer beauty that it exudes in a space. Flooring has become more personalized over the years and is an important focal point in the home. Giving the space an elegant feel, exotic hardwoods simply impress. Varieties include:

  • Teak

  • Rosewood

  • Walnut

  • Eucalyptus

Combinations of these various hardwoods are also popular among homeowners to give the space more depth and personality.

Mosaic & Designer Tile

With the wide array of colors, textures and shapes, there are many ways to customize the look of mosaic and designer tile. The eye-catching patterns bring a new level of style to spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens, and work well as statement pieces in foyers and living areas also. Homeowners love the uniqueness and variety of this flooring trend as it adds that extra layer of luxury to the home.

Reclaimed Hardwoods

Expressing individuality is key in the home, which makes reclaimed hardwood a top choice for homeowners in recent years. Re-purposed barn wood and salvaged building materials add an element of history to the space, and with some of these pieces being one-of-a-kind, homeowners are flocking to this idea when it comes to luxe flooring trends. The aged look of some of these pieces fits into virtually any style of the home, but it should be noted that a hands-on inspection of each piece be performed to ensure that the wood is fit for the space, in good condition and can withstand the elements.

Home Flooring Luxury

Every detail in the home is designed with you in mind. Flooring should be no exception. Express your style, individuality and sophistication with your flooring choice. Make your home stand out and embrace your inner creativity when it comes to your home's design.

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